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Commercial Surety Bonds 

From Professionals in South Dakota Who Know Your Bond Needs 

From fraud to financial harm, commercial surety bonds from Gusso ensure your compliance your industry's requirements.


A bond is sacred - not just between a business and a contractor but the public, too. That's where commercial surety bonds have your back. A CSB is required by governmental entities to protect the public interest.


Make sure what's best for you is best for the rest. Because when you win, we all win.

Bonds That Have Your Back.

Pick the right commercial surety bonds for you. Below, you'll find bonds that cover instances like dishonest contractors, fraud and other worst-case scenarios.

  • Contractor License Bond - License & Permit Bonds are required by states and municipalities to issue a contractor license to ensure the contractor’s adherence to building codes and policies.

  • Third-party fidelity bonds - also known as "Dishonesty Bonds," insure dishonesty losses resulting from the contractor and his or her employees’ actions while providing services on a client’s premises. 

  • Court Bond or Judicial Bonds - A court bond or judicial bond guarantees court costs are secured and judgments rendered are paid.

  • Fiduciary Bonds - A fiduciary bond is a type of court bond that guarantees that the fiduciary will execute their court-appointed duties according to law. A Fiduciary Bond protects against fraud, embezzlement, or dishonest acts carried out by a fiduciary. The bond also holds the fiduciary liable for any deficits that may occur.

  • Public Official Bonds - A public official bond is a type of surety bond that guarantees that an elected government official in a certain position will comply with the governmental rules and regulations.

  • Notary Bonds - A notary bond ensures that, as a Notary, you will fulfill all obligations to protect the public from financial harm resulting from any wrongdoing on your part when performing notarial duties.

  • Auto Dealer Bonds - Auto Dealer Bonds are a type of surety bond required for car dealers before they can get their car dealer license. An auto dealer bond protects customers from fraud or misrepresentation during a business transaction.

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From bid to performance to payment bonds, to have surety is to have security. It’s our job to help you assemble the right paperwork so you can focus on what really matters.

We’re built on delivering you the best value in South Dakota, so your project goes off without a hitch. But we do more than build you up, we’re your partner.

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