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 Performance and Payment Bonds

From Professionals in South Dakota Who Know Your Bond Needs


Get the success you deserve with payment and performance bonds from Gusso Surety Bonds. These bonds are essential in backing your construction contracts.


Don't just get quality work on your project - guarantee it with performance and payment bonds from Gusso. A performance bond makes sure the contractor meets the terms set by the owner in the contract: completion dates, budgets and specifications. It protects the owner from any losses should the contractor not meet the agreement. Boost security with a payment bond. This makes sure everyone attached to the contract (subcontractors, laborers and materials suppliers) gets paid what they're owed - including the owner.

Keep agreements faithful - and air tight, with bonds from Gusso.


Give your bonds a boost.

It never hurts to add an extra layer of security; From hiring a subcontractor to adding a warranty to your project, these surety bonds give you an extra edge in making sure you get what you deserve.

  • Maintenance Bond - A maintenance (warranty) bond guarantees the maintenance of the completed project for a specified period after completion. These bonds protect from defective workmanship and/or materials.

  • Subcontract bond – A performance and payment bond with the subcontractor as the principal and the general contractor as the obligee.

  • Subdivision Bond – A subdivision bond provides a guarantee that infrastructure improvements made to land will be done in accordance with the public agency’s “subdivision construction agreement.”

  • Good Guy Letter - A statement of bonding limits or "bondability letter" is a declaration of a particular contractor’s contract bond capacity. Occasionally, this can also take the form of a commitment to bond a particular project.


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From bid to performance to payment bonds, to have surety is to have security. It’s our job to help you assemble the right paperwork so you can focus on what really matters.

We’re built on delivering you the best value in South Dakota, so your project goes off without a hitch. But we do more than build you up, we’re your partner.

Our success is knowing you’ve achieved your goal efficiently, intellectually, and securely. We know construction, and we know it pays to be secure.

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